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Stari’s Wonderful World 小夏的美妙世界

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In “Stari’s Wonderful World”, Baby King and Ottie the otter visited Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. They saw many interesting and colourful sea creatures during low tide and met Stari the sea star who showed them around. While enjoying the beautiful scene, they heard from Stari the sad story of how some visitors destroyed the homes of the sea creatures and took their friends away. They appealed to everyone to just admire the pretty sea creatures but not take them away from their homes so them more people can see them. So will you help?

This is Book 5 of "Baby King and Friends“ series. 

sku: 9789811841286
Author: Chew Lee Ching 周丽青
Publication Date: 1/5/2022
Series: Baby King and Friends 小金金和小伙伴们
Age: 0-3 years

小金金和水獭 Ottie 来到了乌敏岛的仄爪哇。在这里,由海星Stari带领他们参观,看到了许多有趣和五彩缤纷的海洋生物。 与此同时,他们从Stari那里了解到,有一部分没有公德心的游客,是如何摧毁海洋生物的家园。他们呼吁大家要好好的爱护这些美丽的海洋生物,不要将它们带离家园,希望让更多的人看到它们。


About the Author
Chew Lee Ching had always wanted to write children’s story books, but never had the time to do it.  And then came Covid-19. During the Circuit Breaker she decided to pursue her interest and started to write her first children’s story book “Making New Friends With Baby King” for her grandson. She hopes other young readers  will also enjoy the stories too, develop a love for reading and languages and appreciate the beautiful things we have.


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