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Baby King and Friends 小金金和小伙伴们(全5册)

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A rare and delightful bilingual children's book! In this colorful story, children can discover Singapore's unique animals and famous tourist attractions. Join the animals in the story for a joyful playtime adventure!

sku: 9789811841286SET
Author: Chew Lee Ching 周丽青
Publication Date: 1/5/2022
Series: Baby King and Friends 小金金和小伙伴们
Age: 0-3 years


《Making New Friends with Baby King 和小金金做朋友》

“Making New Friends with Baby King is a simple and colorful story book for parents to read with their young children. In the story, Baby King, a baby kingfisher, shows our young readers that we all need friends and making friends is easy and fun. We hope this will encourage our young readers to do so and develop and value strong friendships as they grow.

The setting of the book in Gardens by the Bay will give our young readers a comfortable and familiar feel as they would have visited the gardens at some point in time and recognised the little creatures featured in the book.


《Fergi Loses His Way 小斐迷路了》

Set in East Coast Park, the theme of Book 2 is about how Baby King and his friends saved Fergi the frog from serious trouble when he went exploring on his own without telling his friends. They rescued him in the nick of time and together they learned the importance of looking out for one another and staying safe.

This is Book 2 of "Baby King and Friends“ series. 


《Hello, Mr NoTail! 无尾先生,你好!》

In this story, Baby King and Ottie the otter helped their new friends in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve discover that when they respect and accept each other, they can live in harmony even though they have different interests.

This is Book 3 of "Baby King and Friends“ series. 


《Fly, Oli, Fly! 飞吧,小欧欧!》

In “Fly, Oli, Fly!” find out how Baby King helped Oli a baby owl in Pasir Ris Park succeed in doling something very important. Oli was learning to fly but he fell to the ground many times. With d lots of encouragement from Baby King, he did it. Together they learn the importance of not giving up but when trying to do something important.

This is Book 4 of "Baby King and Friends“ series. 


《Stari’s Wonderful World 小夏的美妙世界》

In “Stari’s Wonderful World”, Baby King and Ottie the otter visited Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. They saw many interesting and colourful sea creatures during low tide and met Stari the sea star who showed them around. While enjoying the beautiful scene, they heard from Stari the sad story of how some visitors destroyed the homes of the sea creatures and took their friends away. They appealed to everyone to just admire the pretty sea creatures but not take them away from their homes so them more people can see them. So will you help?

This is Book 5 of "Baby King and Friends“ series. 

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