The Floating Baby: Bored No More! 悬在空中的漂浮宝宝:不再闷了!

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Lonely and bored without his family around to fuss over him, he was unhappy and listless, not knowing what to do by himself. It was Baby King and his friends that helped the Floating Baby overcome his sense of helplessness, learn to be resourceful, and discover interesting ways to entertain himself and be happy even when left alone.

Instead of fussing, fretting, and feeling bored when left alone, the Floating Baby learned that he had a choice. He chose to be comfortable and happy and have fun. All it takes is a change of perspective and an appreciation of what is around him.

sku: 9789811895975
Author: Chew Lee Ching 周丽青
Publication Date: 01/05/2024
Series: Fables of Baby King 小金金的寓言故事
Age: 0-3 years




About the Author
Chew Lee Ching had always wanted to write children’s story books, but never had the time to do it.  And then came Covid-19. During the Circuit Breaker she decided to pursue her interest and started to write her first children’s story book “Making New Friends With Baby King” for her grandson. She hopes other young readers  will also enjoy the stories too, develop a love for reading and languages and appreciate the beautiful things we have.


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