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The Little Detectives 小小侦探(全4册)

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sku: 9789811870408SET
Author: Chew Lee Ching 周丽青
Publication Date: 18/04/2023
Series: The Little Detectives 小小侦探
Age: 4-6 years

The Little Detectives series

《Where Is The Dog? 狗狗在哪里?》


Two little boys, Ethan and Evan, heard a dog barking when they stepped into their grandfather’s house. Like all little boys, they wanted to play with the dog. But Grandpa told them that there was no dog in the house and that he was just as puzzled about the barking noise. Together, they set out to investigate where the “dog” was hiding. What they found surprised everyone.

《Who Stole Our Fruits? 谁偷了我们的水果?》


In Grandpa’s garden, there are many fruit trees. In this story, the fruits were ripening, and soon the two boys would have plenty of fruits to eat. Some should be ready for picking in the next week.

But one morning, the boys saw rambutan skins and many half-eaten ripe rambutans on the ground. They were surprised but not too concerned, as there was plenty of fruit on the trees. The next morning, they saw a big hole in a ripe papaya. It was still hanging from the papaya tree. Someone had eaten it.

On the following day, they saw the same damage to the mangoes on the mango tree. They noticed that the fruits were always “stolen” at night. Disappointed, our “little detectives” decided to investigate. They asked Grandpa for help, and together they stayed awake that night to catch the fruit thief if he came to steal the ripening bananas. And what a discovery they had.

《Have You Seen The Turtle? 你见到乌龟了吗?》


One evening, the boys were startled by a scratching sound coming from the drain. When they investigated, they were pleasantly surprised to see a turtle poking its head out of the leaves in the drain. Aware that it could be somebody’s pet, the boys rescued the turtle and placed it in a box to wait for its owner to come and take it back. But over the next three days, the turtle would go missing, and the boys embarked on a seek and rescue mission until they found it. Meanwhile, no one came to claim the missing pet. On the fourth day, it went missing again, and it could not be found for the next few days until one morning… the boys found it. You would never have guessed where it went.

《What Happened To Goldie? 晶晶怎么了?》


Grandpa bought a gold-coloured baby koi fish for the boys to add to the fish in the pond. It is the smallest fish but it looked pretty swimming with the rest of the fish. The boys loved it and named it Goldie. They enjoyed looking at it every day. But one day, they could not see Goldie. What happened to it? Did someone take it away? That’s the mystery the boys set out to solve. They thought about the possible culprits, and they eliminated the possibilities one by one until they found the answer. But not before upsetting the “suspects.”

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