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Siri Aksi Adil (set)

Rilla Melati Bahri

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- Tikus Putih Adil - Gajah Untuk Adil

sku: 9789810827250
Author: Rilla Melati Bahri
Publication Date: 1/4/2009
Publisher: Mini Monsters Ltd
Series: Siri Aksi Adil

This series explores the imaginative world of Adil, his friends and family. Both titles comes with a unique bilingual Malay-English glossary at the end of each story and aims to instill a love of reading Malay storybooks to children.

Will Nenek be afraid of Adil’s white mouse? Who else got pranked by Adil? Did Datuk fall for his trick too? Follow Adil in his mischievous quest to prank his family and friends.

What mysterious animal does Adil want to buy? Can Adil keep a big animal in his house? Who will help Adil in his quest to find an animal? Follow Adil in his adventure of getting his mysterious big pet!