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Haiwan Ajaib

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sku: 9789811443855
Author: Hirman Mohamed Khamis
Publication Date: 1/1/2020
Publisher: ALAM CAHAYA
Series: Siri Fantasi Alam Cahaya

SIRI FANTASI ALAM CAHAYA :Set in current modern times, this series (5 books/episodes) revolves around the lives of three children. Ali and Ani, two siblings in their immediate surroundings (home and school) and Eliana whose immediate surrounding happens to be a scientific research ship travelling around the world. Eliana’s parents are research scientists. All three encounter strange things in their lives. The recurring characters that appear before Ali and Ani are two little round UFO crafts or space ships and a baby dragon who is able to make itself invisible. As for Eliana she also meets with two UFO crafts, only this time their triangular and operates in and around the ocean. Many times these three main characters face problems and even dangers but they are always aided by the strange creatures that have become their friends.