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Fly, Oli, Fly! 飞吧,小欧欧!

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In “Fly, Oli, Fly!” find out how Baby King helped Oli a baby owl in Pasir Ris Park succeed in doling something very important. Oli was learning to fly but he fell to the ground many times. With d lots of encouragement from Baby King, he did it. Together they learn the importance of not giving up but when trying to do something important.

This is Book 4 of "Baby King and Friends“ series. 

sku: 9789811841279
Author: Chew Lee Ching 周丽青
Publication Date: 1/5/2022
Series: Baby King and Friends 小金金和小伙伴们
Age: 0-3 years

这本书讲述小金金如何在白沙公园里,帮助小猫头鹰成功地完成了一件非常重要的事情。小欧欧正在很努力的学习飞行,但他尝试了很多次,一直失败,摔倒在地。正当小欧欧垂头丧气时, 小金金给予了很大的鼓励。终于,小欧欧成功地做到了。


About the Author
Chew Lee Ching had always wanted to write children’s story books, but never had the time to do it.  And then came Covid-19. During the Circuit Breaker she decided to pursue her interest and started to write her first children’s story book “Making New Friends With Baby King” for her grandson. She hopes other young readers  will also enjoy the stories too, develop a love for reading and languages and appreciate the beautiful things we have.


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