CLIPS Supplementary Readers Level 4 小学华文补充读物.第四级 (11册)

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Adapted from past editions, the latest edition of CLIPS Supplementary Readers (3rd Edition) consists of a curated collection of 39 books handpicked to align to the latest Primary Chinese syllabus revisions.
Adjustments were made to the vocabulary used in this graded series to better facilitate students with differing language proficiencies and learning needs. This provides teachers and parents greater flexibility in their selection of suitable readers for students.

sku: 9789814891479SET
Author: 新加坡教育部课程规划与发展司
Publication Date: 1/1/2019
Publisher: 名创教育
Series: CLIPS Supplementary Readers Level 4 小学华文补充读物.第四级

新加坡教育部曾出版过四个系列的《小学华文教材补充读物》,为小学生提供了丰富的阅读材料,在辅助华文教学方面取得了良好的效果。为配合小学华文教学改革的需要,鼓励学生多阅读华文书籍,我们从原有的四个系列读物中,选出了一些作为小学华文教材课后阅读材料。 由于学生的语文背景不同,语文程度也有差异,我们调整了一些词汇,并将读物进行了分级,以配合学生的学习需要。老师和家长在选择读物时可根据学生的兴趣与需要,灵活处理。

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