Upcoming Events for KIDS this holiday!

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We have arranged a series of exciting programmes for kids this holiday, so pop in at Maha Yu Yi for some fun time!

1. 【在旅途中寄一张明信片】 Scrapbooking Workshop for Kids
Recommended for 7-12 years old
DATE: 29 May, Monday
TIME: 2pm-3:30pm
FEES: $28 (includes a $5 book voucher)
* Please bring pencil, drawing pens, color pencils *
In this workshop, kids will learn techniques of scrapbooking and also have fun scrapbooking a postcard and posting it!


2. 【Kids on Camera 一起接力开麦拉】
Recommended for 7-12 years old
DATE: 30 May, Tuesday
TIME: 10:30am-12pm
FEES: $30 (includes a $5 book voucher)
In this fun and educational workshop, kids will be guided through interactive activities aimed at:
✅ giving participants a first hosting experience.
✅ getting them to express themselves so as to build up their confidence.
✅ encouraging active participation and communication with other peers using Mandarin.
Students will work in groups and pass the mic, taking turns to present in front of the camera. Parents will receive video recordings of the children’s presentations after the event.

Kids on Camera 一起接力开麦拉
3. 【文佩老师华文漫画营 Chinese Doodling Camp】
Recommended for 7-12 years old
DATE: 31 May, Wednesday
TIME: 10:30am-12:30pm
FEES: $20 (includes a $5 book voucher)
Do not miss the THIRD SEASON of our popular workshop文佩老师华文漫画营 Chinese Doodling Camp!
Join us for a fun-filled 2 hours - picture word games, creating your comics, and group doodling! What’s more, 文佩阿姨 will draw a comic portrait for every child!
文佩老师华文漫画营 Chinese Doodling Camp
4. 《召唤独角兽》故事会 Make a Wish for a Unicorn
Recommended for 4-8 years old
DATE: 1 June, Thursday
TIME: 11am-12pm
FEES: $10 per parent/child (includes picture book《召唤独角兽》)
(if you already have the book, you can opt for a $10 book voucher)
Calling all kids that love Unicorns. Join author Apple Lim for a storytelling that is filled with laughter and actions!
 5. 《当披着羊皮的狼遇见披着狼皮的羊》故事会 Storytelling, Drawing, & Meet-the-Author Session
Recommended for 5-10 years old
DATE: 3 June, Saturday
TIME: 2pm-3pm
FEES: Free event - Scan to register!
Meet & greet author/illustrator Josef Lee and find out what happens when a wolf in sheep's skin meets a sheep in wolf's skin!
This is a free event and it will be held at Bras Basah Complex Concourse Main Stage.
《当披着羊皮的狼遇见披着狼皮的羊》故事会 Storytelling, Drawing, & Meet-the-Author Session
6. 《解忧杂货店》导读活动
Recommended for Secondary School students, parents, and General Readers.
DATE: 2 June, Friday
TIME: 2pm-3pm
FEES: Free event - Scan to register!


《解忧杂货店》2012年出版,销量已突破1000万册。舞台剧版在日本(2013,2016,2017)、中国大陆(2017-2022)、香港(2018,2022)、台湾(2020)曾演出,日本和中国也各都在2017年把这本书拍成电影。 这本书在新加坡也被推广华文学习委员会列入“中学课外读物推荐书单”。
对象 :中学生与家长,爱书者


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