07/09/2022 Holiday Programmes 儿童假期活动:月亮狂想曲-儿童阅读游戏课

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Holiday Programmes 儿童假期活动:月亮狂想曲-儿童阅读游戏课

Can you play and learn Chinese? YES!
Kids love to play! You can now get your kids excited with Chinese by playing board games! This holiday, we have invited 2 master teachers from Malaysia to conduct fun reading sessions that involve listening to stories, activity worksheets, art & crafts, and board games! 



梁润辉老师 与 黄健壹老师拥有多年儿童游戏引导经验,此次学校假期,他们将透过主题活动,深化孩子的阅读与思考,再锻炼孩子社交能力,帮助他们投入游戏,最后透过书写整合或美术整合活动,让孩子的心思能够记录下来。

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