22/06/2023 Kids on Camera 故事屋开麦拉

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Kids on Camera 故事屋开麦拉


This 3-hours Practical Chinese Workshop aims to:
 get them to express themselves so as to build up their confidence and to have an understanding of their strengths/weaknesses in this area.
 build up their observation skills.
 encourage active participation and communication with a partner.

Students will work in pairs to present the segments. Each pair will be given a script with the necessary information, and they have to work hand in hand to put together a presentation for the camera. They are welcome to give their own inputs to enhance their content. 

This is a platform for children to converse in Mandarin. Their active participation is essential for a better learning experience. So, parents, do get your little ones prepared to speak up in Mandarin. Please also bring along pencils and colouring pencils/markers. 

Parents will receive video recordings of the children’s presentations.

指导老师:华华老师 (拥有丰富的电视节目制作经验)


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