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Happy 56th Birthday Singapore!

Enjoy great discounts this August at our bookstore and online store.

Here are some great recommendations:

0-3 years old:

Board books with simple stories and colorful illustrations:

Board Books to touch & feel, and parts to remove and play with:

Stories to learn about good habits and social skills:

Rub on the pictures and smell the fruits & flowers in these 2 magical books:

Have fun cooking a sunny side up egg in this 3D book:

4 years old & above:

Its ok to fail!  Learn about growing up challenges & character building in these picture books:

Have fun with these picture books! Learn about taking care of you teeth, characteristics of vegetables, good eating habits and poops!

If your kids love transportation, then this is a must have series!



Amazing books! Learn about our emotions, our body, or Chinese festivals in these amazing books with flaps, tabs to pull & pop-ups!

Readers for 5-8 years old with fun & silly stories!

7 years old & above:

Learn about China history with this fun, informative and easy to read picture books!

10 years old & above:

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