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Dear Friends,

Trust that you are all staying safe and staying fit at home!

Sadly, we will remain closed during Phase 1 Re-Opening. You can continue to purchase online and remember to use your member's discount code (sent via SMS) before you check out to enjoy an additional 10% discount (except for nett price items or items that are discounted more than 20%). If you have any queries or need our recommendations, drop us a mail at and we will be happy to assist you. We provide free delivery for purchase $50 & above.

If you have not used your GIFTSINGLIT promotion code, here's your last chance. Select at least one SingLit title, minimum value $10, and get $10 OFF when you use the code GIFTSINGLIT before you check out. Limited to the first 50 successful transactions and promotion ends on 6 June 2020. This promotion code cannot be used with other promotion or discount codes. Find your SingLit titles at :

Deciding what books to buy? Here's a look at the bestselling 5 chinese storybooks for each age group during the Circuit Breaker period.


Bestselling Chinese Storybooks for 0-3 Years Old

1. 小豆豆图话书.1 (6册) LCWF Readers for Little Ones (Series 1) (SingLit title)

2. 小豆豆图话书.2 (6册) LCWF Readers for Little Ones (Series 2) (SingLit title)

3. 宝宝点读认知发声书--交通工具

4. 乐中学.小豆豆情绪智商系列(全12本) (SingLit title)

5. 小熊宝宝绘本(15册)


Bestselling Chinese Storybooks for 4-6 Years Old

1. 布布爱上动物园 (SingLit title)

2. “开车出发”交通工具绘本系列(全7册)

3. 100层的房子

4. 写给孩子的新型冠状病毒科普绘本

5. 学前阅读计划100字


Bestselling Chinese Storybooks for 7-9 Years Old

1. 好孩子成长学习绘本系列(全8册)

2. 乐乐和佳佳.伴我阅读系列 Timmy & Tammy Series Story Pack (SingLit title)

3. 闹闹漫画街 (SingLit title)

4. 快乐识字童话绘本

5. 辛苦了,苦力叔叔 (SingLit title)


Bestselling Chinese Books for 10-12 Years Old

1. 口试录像应考秘笈(二)

2. 让我当你的眼睛

3. 三根羽毛(拼音)

4. 甄朵丽要当班长

5. 正能量少年精品书系(全6册)


Bestselling Chinese Books for Secondary School

1. 深夜甜品店

2. 爱上读报 iRead News 3

3. 你在我的宇宙里仰望火星

4. 忠犬八公

5. 穿校服的老师 (SingLit title)


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