Children's Day Treats for Kids

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Children's Day is round the corner, looking for some Children's Day Gifts? Here's our recommendations:

For 0-3 years old

Introducing Bizzy Bear, the busiest bear on the block! With chunky sliders to push and pull, these robust little board books are perfect for active toddlers. Rich in visual detail and with touches of humor, they are set to become firm favorites in the family library.


Discover the magic of the night in this enchanting sound book. Little children will love listening to sleeping cats purring, owls twit-twooing and bats squeaking when they press the sound buttons on the pages of this beautifully illustrated book. There’s a simple story to read aloud, holes to peep through and fingertrails to explore, too.

Little children can press the buttons on the pages of this book to hear the wonderful sounds of the night, or of the jungle, or in the garden. With simple text, delightful illustrations and cut-out shapes to discover.


 For 4-6 years old

Kids will have fun following the little people and their vehicles on various missions - rescuing a kitten, baking a cake, and building a running wheel for a hamster!


These 3 sets of books by Kudoh Noriko have been on our top-selling list for months! Children love the details and humour found in the illustrations. If your kids love travelling and seeing interesting places, they will love《小企鹅去旅行》. For happy family outings, pick 《幸福小鸡》. And for the mischievous kids, they will love 《野猫军团》- a bunch of cats that always get into trouble because they are playful, cheeky, and love to eat!


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Have a Happy Children's Day with your kids, and stay safe and well!

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