March School Holiday Highlights

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New Additions this month:

迷你哥妹俩 (for 7 years old & above)

Fun to read with comics, stories, general knowledge, science, art & craft!

露露和啦啦 Maple Street (for 9 years old & above)

Lulu and Lala opened a Sweet Shop 🍰 in Maple Street. Follow them on their adventures and have fun with the recipe in each book to make your own delicious sweets! Girls will love this series 💖

我们的成长故事 Our Growing Up Stories (for 10 years old & above)

Children faces challenges in school, at home, getting along with friends, overcoming their own shortcomings, improving themselves ... etc. Perhaps this series of graphic novels will help them grow and mature.

我的国学童话书 (for 10 years old & above)

Award-winning children's author 哲也 has cleverly written these interesting & engaging stories that intertwine the present and the past to tell the stories of Confucius 孔子, Zhuangzi 庄子, and Taohua Yuanji 桃花源记. A good read for avid readers.

中学华文课程泛读丛书 (for 12 years old & above)

Commissioned by Ministry of Education - Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL), this series of books is part of the Chinese Extensive Reading Program for Secondary School. The books are graded for different levels of reading skill. There are currently 3 levels.

Level 3: 《不可思议的打印机
Level 4: 《面包特工队》《小轩的折叠世界》《我的男友是人鱼
Level 5: 《伤者》《锁城记

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