My Little Red Dot Forest Series

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sku: 9789811138614
Author: (新) 陈之财 Edmund Chen
Publication Date: 01/6/2017
Publisher: Asiatainment Pte Ltd

After struggling through a long, meandering river, Little Red Dot seems to have reached his limit. Yet, the treacherous journey is far from over for him. In the second part of his journey, Little Red Dot discovers an expansive forest the moment he emerges out of the river. The forest before him makes the world he left behind seemed so tiny in comparison. 

Even though Little Red Dot carries with him fond memories of his past, he does not hesitate to explore this whole new world. To him, every step taken in any journey will lead to amazing new discoveries. In his adventure, he meets a wise spider, a beautiful peacock and the many enchanting trees and flowers, such as the 200-year-old Tembusu Tree, the majestic rain tree, the colourful Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, as well as 12 different types of local trees, the Birds of Paradise and many more. 

The development of the city has caused the rapid decline of the majestic forest. However, Little Red Dot still celebrates the existence of a "green corridor". He takes it upon himself to take care of this green corridor so that life can continue to thrive. Little Red Dot is truly enchanted by this green wonder with hopes that one day he can become one with the environment. He is inspired to learn about the diverse ecologies of the world, unravel its magic of harmonious co-existence, as well as better appreciate the mutual interdependence of one another. 

May this book inspire your soul and enchant your world.

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