Amazing Chinese 中文真棒 Vol.2- Workbook

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Author: Jessy Tu/陈立芬/叶绍苹/魏黛薇/谭咏瑜
Publication Date: 01/05/2019
Publisher: Kang Hseun 康轩文教事业股份有限公司
Series: Amazing Chinese 中文真棒


1.Chinese language teaching materials specifically written for non-native Chinese speaking secondary school students by frontline international and mainstream school teachers.
2.Conforms to IGCSE themes, IB foreign language curriculum’s core concept and 5C standard.
3.Vocabulary, sentences and sentence patterns are based on HSK and IGCSE.
4.Speaking, listening, reading and writing activities are systematically incorporated to foster students’ cross-cultural communicative skills, enhancing their literacy and learning achievements.
5.Thematic task-based activities to cultivate students’ independent and collaborative learning skills.
6.Differentiated classroom learning activities to consolidate students’ intrinsic learning motivation and cognitive skills.
7.Authentic language environment and contexts to encourage students’ practical application of their foreign language skills.