Nature Playtime: The Casuarina Tree

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"I never want to play with you again! "

Little brother Eli can be trouble, as Emma finds out while building sandcastles at the beach with their grandmother, Popo. Under the shade of the casuarina tree, Eli learns to share and Emma realises forgiveness is a better way.

sku: 9789814863162
Author: Sophia Huang
Publication Date: 01/01/2018
Publisher: Armour Publishing
Series: Nature Playtime
Age: 4-6 years

Chinese Edition available: 木麻黄

About the Nature Playtime Series

Emma and her grandmother, Popo, are best friends. Back in Popo's day, children played with whatever they could find around them, such as seeds, flowers and leaves of plants. As Popo relives the old ways of play, new worlds are opened for Emma and love is passed on from generation to generation.