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XI JINPING The Governance of China Vol.1 习近平谈治国理政 第1卷(英文平装)

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[sku]: 9787119113944
Author: 习近平 Xi Jingping
Publication Date: 1/3/2018
publisher: 外文出版社
Series: XI JINPING The Governance of China 习近平谈治国理政 (英文平装)

After the 18th NationalCongress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012, the new CPC CentralCommittee, with Xi Jinping as the general secretary, set off on a new journeyof reform and opening up and modernization. In the course of this new start, XiJinping has made a series of speeches on the governance of China.Representing the concepts and principles of governance of the CPC leadership,his new ideas and assessments have answered both theoretical and practicalquestions about China’s development in this new phase of the country’s history.

《Xi Jinping: The Governance of China 》 is a compilation of Xi Jinping’s major works from November15, 2012 to June 13, 2014; it comprises 79 speeches, talks, interviews,instructions and correspondence in 18 chapters. Each item is accompanied byrelevant notes about China’ssocial system, history and culture for readers’ reference. In addition the bookalso includes 45 photos taken at different stages of Xi’s life, which providereaders with more information about his work and life.

The publication of this book in various languages is of greatsignificance. It will contribute to interpreting the concepts and principles ofgovernance of the CPC leadership, and it will help the international communityto learn more about and better understand China’s ideas, its path ofdevelopment, and its domestic and foreign policies, and its response tointernational concerns about China.

Compiled by the State Council Information Office of China,the CCCPC Party Literature Research Office and China International PublishingGroup, 《Xi Jinping: The Governance of China》 is published by Foreign Languages Press in Chinese, English,French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese, anddistributed worldwide.




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