9789620441417 IBDP中文A文学课程专题拓展论文及个人口头评论优秀范例点评(简体版) | Singapore Chinese Books


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IBDP Chinese A Literature Exemplary Essays (Extended Essay & Individual Oral Commentary)

[sku]: 9789620441417
Author: 李萍、苏媛
Publication Date: 12/5/2018
publisher: 三联书店(香港)有限公司
Series: IBDP


This book is a must-have for students preparing for IBDP Chinese A Literature course Extended Essay and Individual Oral Commentary.

The authors have carefully chosen 13 extended essays for consideration and 3 reflective statements, each containing a detailed analysis. In addition, the book provides readers with a total of 6 individual oral commentaries, two of which are based on the new outline.

The authors, as IB educators and examiners, have thoroughly interpreted the key points of Extended Essay and Individual Oral Commentary, guiding the way for current and future students.

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