Asian Spice Kids 亚洲辛香宝贝 (全4册) (NETT)

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The Asian Spice Kids series is a collection of four bilingual picture books. Each book is written in dual languages - English and Chinese.

sku: 9789810921415
Author: (新)Linn Shekinah
Publication Date: 1/1/2015
Publisher: The Almond Tree
Series: Asian Spice Kids 亚洲辛香宝贝 [全四册]
Age: 7-9 years

辣椒-又辣又够味!Chilli, Sharp and Spicy!
丁香-勇敢又胆大!Cinnamon, Swift and Smart!
肉桂-敏捷又聪明!Clove, Bold and Brave!
红葱-强壮又坚定!Shallot, Strong and Steady!

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