9789811128486set 来!来过节幼儿互动手作本(上、下)
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来!来过节幼儿互动手作本(上、下)Come, Let's Celebrate! Preschool Interactive Art Book A & B

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sku: 9789811128486SET
Author: 郑婉妮博士陈志锐博士 Dr Cheng Wan-Ni, Dr Tan Chee Lay
Publication Date: 1/1/2017
Publisher: 南大-新加坡华文教研中心出版社 NTU-SCCL Press
Series: 来!来过节 Come, Let's Celebrate!

《来!来过节:幼儿互动手作本》提供幼儿体验新加坡不同节庆食衣住行的互动文化场景,并且附有3D节庆的艺术创作材料,对于教师及家长而言,是非常便利且实用的节庆教学工具。手作本除了可以减轻教师备课的负担,亦可让家长与幼儿共同创作,增进亲子关系。 “Come, Let’s Celebrate! Preschool Interactive Art Book” provides children the experiences of Singapore’s festival and cultures. It contains reusable stickers to reenacted scenes of festivals, like donning traditional costumes, eating festive food, visiting the homes of other ethnic groups, as well as travelling in Singapore. This book includes 3D art materials for children, which can be a handy teaching tool for teachers and parents. The ready-made art work will ease the adults' burden of preparing art work materials. Parents and children can make use of the book together to enhance parent-child relationship.

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