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How to ACE a C

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sku: 9789811871665
Author: Lynn Yap
Publication Date: 15/05/2023
Publisher: GR8 COM

In How to ACE a A C: The Core9TM Playbook, Lynn Yap introduces the Core9TM model, a guide to discovering your inner confidence. This model enables you to:

• Discover the nine keywords—consciousness, comprehension, clarity, commitment, craftsmanship, celebrating wins, conviction, compassion, and concentration— which merges our Soul, Mind and Body to achieve optimal results in getting what you want.
• Create a game plan to be congruent with your self-value, connect with your inner world truthfully, and be responsible for your actions.
• Cultivate positive mindsets to embrace change in life, keep winning despite the blocks and obstacles in your life.

Begin your journey of awakening inner confidence by using this book as a guide to create a positive shift within yourself and live confidently.