Amazing Chinese 中文真棒 Vol.3 - Textbook

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sku: 9789865546038
Author: Jessy Tu/陈立芬/叶绍苹/魏黛薇/谭咏瑜
Publication Date: 01/05/2019
Publisher: Kang Hseun 康轩文教事业股份有限公司
Series: Amazing Chinese 中文真棒



Amazing Chinese is written for students who learn Chinese as a second or additional language in secondary school. Students will develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through activities and exercises that are essential and interesting.
Inside the workbook, each lesson includes lesson exercises, unit reviews and character writing exercises.
1.A diversity of reading, writing, listening and speaking practice to achieve the goals of comprehension and communication.
2.Practical application of the language is strengthened through real-life authentic language use situations.
3.Differentiated practice catering to students of varied abilities.
4.The unit key points are organised in picture form to effectively assist with student memorisation and integration.
5.Scan for instant listening practice and review at anytime and anywhere.