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T.K. Ng

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sku: 9789881555540
Author: T.K. Ng
Publication Date: 1/1/2016
Publisher: NTK Publishing Limited
Series: IBDP

This study guide consist of four parts. Part 1 introduces students to commonly-tested genres and distinctive features of different text types. Part 2 focuses on useful vocabulary and sample sentence based on the five IB Chinese Language option topics. There are 25 sample essays, as well as a bilingual vocabulary list, common grammar and sentence structures. Part 3 focuses specifically on the three core topics, providing useful phrases and stimulation for students to think in multiple perspectives, while strengthening their Chinese expression skills, as well as reading comprehension and oral skills. Part 4 is a collection of students' essays with teachers' grading and comments. Grading criteria and scoring details are summarized at the end.

Key Features:
50 exam-oriented sample essays with detailed analysis and annotations.
Useful vocabulary and practical grammar rules on all exam areas.
Clear demonstration of wide-ranging text type formats.

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