YCT Level 2 (15 books)

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Endorsed by The Confucius Institute, the level 2 YCT Readers teach students to understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with basic level communications.

  • Align with the Youth Chinese Test (YCT)
  • Thoughtfully designed and illustrated content aligned with Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS)
  • Providing a fun and engaging method for character acquisition
  • Teacher Packs highlight the main teaching points, including key grammatical concepts and outcome assessment
  • Book levels correspond to the YCT test level gradually increasing in difficulty

sku: YCT2
Publisher: Mandarin Matrix
Series: YCT
Age: 4-6 years


  • 内容经过多层考虑及衡量而设计与插图,符合通过阅读和讲故事(TPRS)教学法
  • 提供有趣且引人入胜的汉字习的方法
  • 教师手册突出主要教学要点,包括关键语法概念和测验评估
  • 书籍的级别与YCT考试级别对应,随着难度逐渐增加

Level 2 一共有15本读物,相当于YCT考试二级的水平。

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